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Brand Identity, Packaging Design And Art Direction

With the Scandinavian minimalist movement in full swing, It’s no secret that the trends within the Danish fine bread industry are stripping themselves back dramatically with the years to come, taking an overly minimalistic, ‘no frills' approach to their brand identity. An industry that was traditionally based around heritage, tradition and quality, has morphed into an industry centred around 'a less is more' approach used to portray/represent quality and culture. To challenge this trend and industry movement, Reggie - A Copenhagen based artisanal bakery, offering daily baked bread and cold brew - takes a loud and proud approach to their new brand identity, striving to bypass these industry trends and stand out amongst a Scandinavian sea of ‘minimalist, no frills’ artisanal bakeries.

Targeted at a Copenhagen-based audience of 25 - 35-year-old tastemakers, Reggie takes full advantage of this visual pattern within the market, challenging typical Scandinavian design by using unapologetically loud and proud typography, balanced with an unmissable fiery orange & cream colour palette that polarises what is known within the painfully minimalistic Scandinavian bakery market.

At the core of the brand identity, the logomark design is bold, striking yet approachable - taking cues from urban culture and applying it to a typically minimalistic market. The polarising choice of typography and colour is balanced with a minimalist use of space & photographic art direction to allow the core identity of the brand to remain the hero, whilst still making it abundantly clear what Reggie is offering their audience through unmissable photography.

From the brand identity through to packaging design, merchandise design and campaign design, we needed to create something that felt different to what is known to the Danish bakery space, creating an ownable identity that breaks the mould of what is known in the overcrowded artisanal bakery space, as well as challenging the approach of new bakeries to hit the Scandinavian market in the future.

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark.