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Show Us Your Pink Bits

Art Direction, Set Design And Muse

I’ve fucked up, I’ve failed hard and I’m not perfect. And this notion became glaringly clear to me whilst planning to move across the pond sell myself as a designer and art director. Bringing together videographers, photographers, makeup artists and local fashion brands across Melbourne to produce a series of images that originally started out as a bunch of portfolio headshots, very quickly snowballed into a large campaign production. Enter; Pantone Carla - 02-071995; The official colour of Carla - isms. Produces a subtly disturbing dance routine using arms only, known to eat day-old burgers, great for fairy cosplay and a force to be reckoned with. Focusing on small portions of my design afflictions; color, conceptual thinking and branding; This is Where Carla Comes From.

Art Direction and Set Design: Carla Young
Photographer: Nicola Bernadi
Photography Assistant: Darren Keane
Video Production: Andrew Hardy
Makeup: Emma Neil