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August Skin Care

Brand Identity Design, Art Direction And Packaging Design

Having good skin is worth its weight in gold, but not at the cost of our own sanity. It’s important to question ourselves as to why we engage in these behaviors and prompts us to question the pressure that the beauty industry instills in all of us. Whether we are actually engaging in an effort to practice self-care, or succumbing to the beauty industries pressures of what ‘we should be doing with our skin’. We all have the feeling that we should be doing something more, something different, and feel vain and selfish for caring about it.

The beauty industry is a notoriously vicious and manipulative industry, feeding and profiting off the backs of our insecurities. Bringing things back to basics, August Skin Care wanted to see something that presented themselves as a proven, hassle-free skin care routine that you can have full confidence in, and gives you the headspace and sanity to focus on what really matters in life. A skincare brand that actually encourages a sense of self-care, not inducing a sense of inadequacy or a false sense of pressure.

The guys at August Skin Care have done the hard work for you. August’s range of repair serums lend themselves to both men and women, as a reliable and hassle free skin routine that they can actually trust and rely on, giving proven results and the confidence that they are spending money on the right products.

We wanted to create something clean and trend-conscious. Something that visually communicated the good-hearted thought process behind the brand. Something that people could recognize and relate to within the beauty industry, to instill a sense of trust in the early adopters of the product. The August brand needed to exude experience, confidence and empowerment whilst still remaining approachable and personable. After all, it’s the personal touch that sets the brand apart.

The final logo mark uses a bold and simple customized typeface to provide stability and simplicity with an unpretentious approach to a high-end product.

The scope of the project extended to supporting advertising campaign material, product package designs with the range of print collateral.

Location: New York, United States.