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Perkin Hoffman

Brand Identity Design, Packaging Design And Art Direction

William Perkin and August Hofmann were two scientists who paved the way for developing permanent hair dye, creating the first synthesized dye in 1863, enabling the evolution of hair coloring and building the foundation of expertise for the Perkin Hoffman brand today.

By combining high tech science and a powerhouse of natural ingredients, Perkin Hoffman’s mission is to focus on what is really important for your hair, removing the bells and whistles that turn out to be more harmful than helpful for your hair and empowering consumers to become their own hair expert from the comfort of their own home.

From the brand language through to packaging design and campaign photography, we needed to create something unapologetically bold, trend-conscious and uniform; A brand that would take a back seat to the color of the hair dyes themselves which is a sentiment reflected through the refined monochromatic color palette.

We wanted to focus on creating something that didn’t fall into the usual conventions of cosmetic branding. The brand typeface steers clear of typical cosmetic typefaces whilst mirroring the challenging and forward-thinking approach, science and methodology of Perkin Hoffman.

Location: Berlin, Germany
Whilst Working With: Blankspace Berlin
Photographer: @patricebrylla
Makeup Artist & Hair Stylist: @annabrylla
Stylist: @seni812