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Dr. Barbara Sturm

Art Direction And Set Design

Dr. Barbara Sturm cosmetics sits at the crossroads between scientifically based aesthetic medicine and highly effective natural formulations with a cult following across the globe.

The brand stands for radical innovation, deliberately avoiding the use of toxic, harmful or aggressive ingredients. As a way of exploring how the existing brand could be elevated further, our goal was to make a simplistic yet easily recognizable visual correlation between the benefit of the products and visual-tactile cues. Using various colours as the core concept of the art direction, our aim was to revive the brand through muted and musky tones of soft velvet - drawing a visual connection between soft velvet textures and the globally renowned quality of the products, whilst reflecting the delicate & finessed approach Dr. Barbara Sturm take towards their holistic and natural formations.

Location: Düsseldorf, Germany
Photographer: Leonor Von Salisch -