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Grown Alchemist

Art Direction And Set Design

Grown Alchemist is pioneering the path of futuristic cosmetics. Inspired by botanicals and driven by biology, their uniquely natural, results-driven formulas are capable of transforming skin by restoring the body’s innate repair and regeneration processes.

Through the understanding of cellular renewal and nutrient metabolization, Grown Alchemist formulates products that represent a new evolution in skincare.

With Grown Alchemist’s innovative and futuristic approach at the forefront, our goal was to create a series of campaign images that visually expressed this brand ethos in a characterful way. Through various raw materials such as metallic and sponge-like textures, we drew a direct connection to the brand’s futuristic approach where we were able to execute a refined concept reflecting the character and purpose of the brand right through from the product formulations to the packaging and the retail experience.

Location: London, UK.
Photographer: Leonor Von Salisch -