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Nebula 10

Brand Identity Design, Packaging Design And Art Direction

It’s no secret that we all have our personal vices to get through this ever increasingly difficult and isolated world - If you think you don’t, then you’re probably lying to yourself. From Friday night drinks, to overly active sex lives, to eating our feelings; It’s only natural to have the occasional urge to distract, numb or escape from the world we find ourselves in - and covid has only accentuated our every vice even further.

Nebula 10 is a natural Berlin-based CBD beverage brand using organically grown CBD that is harvested with heart and consumed guilt-free, enabling customers to take the edge off in a healthy way without the repercussions of other harmful substances or habits. It’s just enough to unwind while reaping the wide range of benefits of natural CBD. Targeted at consumers with an appreciation for alternative culture, the brand purposely sets out to speak to an alternative GEN-Z audience that haven’t yet been catered to within the CBD market.

At the core of the brand identity, the logo design is bold, striking and approachable, taking cues from urban magazine and fashion culture. From the brand identity through to packaging, merchandise and campaign design, we needed to create something that felt familiar and recognisable to our consumers so they could see themselves within the brand, whilst simultaneously tapping into alternative subcultures for an ownable identity standing out in the overcrowded drink isle. Something that would spark a feeling of aspiration, relatability and a sense of encouragement to foster healthy habits within the consumer.

Centering the logo mark as the hero of the brand, the brand identity uses a juxtaposition between bold use of block colour, stripped back san serif typography, negative space and bold art direction to create an unmissable product both in the overcrowded supermarket isle as well in outdoor spaces. The brand boasts confidence through the supporting art direction and is designed to act as a mirror to pave a way for a new alternative niche in the overcrowded CBD marketplace.

Location: Berlin, Germany